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A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries blood or nutrients to the brain is blocked or bursts. There are over 200,000 cases of strokes each year in the United States and according to the World Health Organization, it is the 2nd leading cause of death globally.

In this project, I will be exploring which input parameters correlate with strokes and ultimately build a predictive model to see how likely a patient will get a stroke. The following analysis is done with the dataset found here.

Exploratory Data Analysis

I first did an exploratory data analysis to understand the dataset I will…

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As someone who has been in public school system for 12 years, I’ve always wondered how different factors that vary from school to school can affect students’ future.

To quell my curiosity, I decided to look at public school data from Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Department of Education releases annual statewide reports in regards to assessment and accountability, finance, and student performance. The following analysis is done with their 2017 dataset found here.

The overarching question is: What factors affect a student’s success?

To help answer this question, I formulated additional guiding questions:

  1. What factors affect students’ SAT Score?
  2. Does higher…

Greetings! I’m an ABC (American Born Chinese) and like many ABC’s today, I’m embarking on the journey of “connecting with my roots”. This is part 2 of my “ABC Learns Chinese” series. In part 1, I dished on a few methods I use to help improve my reading and writing skills. Listed below here are a few things I use to train my Mandarin Listening and Speaking!

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C-Dramas/Movies/Variety Shows

I‘m going to be honest, this is what got me interested learning Chinese in the first place. BUT, there is a caveat with using this method to learn Chinese: picking up Mandarin from…

Hi there! I’m an ABC (American Born Chinese) and like many ABCs today, I’m embarking on the journey of “connecting with my roots”. Thought I share my experience with you all on how I approach learning Mandarin Chinese :). This is part 1 of my “ABC Learns Chinese” series. Check out part 2 on Listening and Speaking here!

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My Background

I grew up speaking Cantonese at home. I would rate my oral Cantonese fluency an 8.5 out of 10. Like many of my fellow ABC peers, I spent my Saturdays at Chinese school. However, that only lasted a good 3 years. My…


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